“Our Student Success is Our Mission”​.

Graphic design is such an important part of our visual world that you can see examples of it almost everywhere you look.

Your daily newspaper or favorite magazine will have layout and visual content prepared by a Graphic Designer. Commercials, whether printed or multimedia, will have been through a graphic design phase. So will design CD covers, busi-ness logos, TV and movie credits, and Internet websites.
The list goes on…..

Graphic designers use to create more beautiful and attractive pictures. Their ideas can motivate, inform and appeal to clients, from logo design and page layout to enormous traffic-stopping billboards.
Our graphic design course cover all basics starting from design software and publishing to typography. We will allow you to get employed or placed in print, film, electronic and digital media


Course Highlights

right-sp Hands-on training using the latest tools & techniques
right-sp Learn to create High multimedia content for Promotional Campaigns, Print, Publishing, TV ads, advertisements & visually appealing websites, etc.
right-sp Learn graphic designing, animation, web scripting, etc. to get interactive websites.
right-sp Work with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw and Adobe etc.
right-sp Specialization & creating a portfolio in the area of your interest
right-sp Industry Expert faculty teaching

Software’s To Learn

Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Illustrator




You can make a career in

Advertising Agencies, Design houses, Architects, Digital Studios, Software Firms, Publishing Houses (be the newspaper, magazine or book) also have a constant need for graphic designer and other designers in TV, Films and Multimedia industry


After the successful completion of the Graphic Design Course in Digital Stalk, the students can spot themselves in Design studios, Ad Agencies, Publishing Firms, and in any other design-related industry. Some of the job positions are listed below:

right-sp Graphic Designer
right-sp Product Designer
right-sp Graphic Artist
right-sp Brand and Identity Designer
right-sp Multimedia Artist
right-sp Restoration / Retouching Artist
right-sp Art Director
right-sp Visual Designer
right-sp Digital Illustrator
right-sp Magazine Designer
right-sp Creative Director


Join as

Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer
Web Designer
Web Designer
Layout Designer
Layout Designer
UI Designer
UI Designer


right-sp Intro to Graphic Design
right-sp Image Processing
right-sp Drawing
right-sp Computer Vector Art
right-sp Design Principle
right-sp Page Lay outing
right-sp Color Theory
right-sp Typography