Social Media Marketing (SMM) Trends 2019 - Merehead

Social Media Marketing training

Duration Duration : 1 Months   Eligibility Eligibility : BCA, B.Tech, Bsc.IT MCA, Msc.IT, M.Tech, PGDCA

Begin Your Career in Social Media Marketing and Get Certified

Digi solutions now (DSN) is the leading and most prolific ​SMM Training Institute that provides the affordable in-person Social Media Training Course and guidance by Marketing Experts & Instructors.

We guide people from every background to change their lives via our career-oriented short term courses.. Our evening and offline course primarily focus on college students and full/part-time employees.

Training on Social Media Marketing takes you through a lot of case studies and live projects which sharpens your social media marketing skills.

We aim to shape passionate students with immersive training to meet industry needs and build a strong foundation in Social Media Marketing by revealing students with various projects. Also, your skillset can qualify you for positions such as:

Social Media Marketing Manager
Digital/Social Media Coordinator
Digital Marketing Assistant
Communications Assistant
Digital Manager

Session 1: Introduction to Social Media
  •  What is Social Media
  •  SMM Vs SMO
  •  Benefits of using SMM
  •  Social Media Statistics
  •  Why use Social Media Marketing
  •  Social Media Strategy
  •  Impact of Social Media on SEO Facebook Marketing
Session 3: What is Facebook Advertising
  •  Types of Promotions
  •  Audience Targeting
  •  Advanced Audience Targeting
  •  Bidding Strategies
  •  Ad Formats
  •  Ad Dimensions and Rules
  •  Remarketing Strategy
Session 4: YouTube Marketing
  •  What is Video Marketing
  •  What is Video Marketing
  •  Statistics of Video Marketing
  •  Creating Channel in YouTube
  •  Customizing the YouTube Channel
  •  Create video marketing strategy
  •  Viral video examples
  •  Upload the first video
  •  How to optimize the video
  •  Custom settings in videos
  •  YouTube Engagement Metrics
  •  Increasing Subscribers
  •  Annotations and Cards
  •  How to use Playlists
  •  Understanding copyrights and spam
  •  YouTube Studio
  •  YouTube Analytics Google+ Marketing
  •  Benefits of Google+ in SEO
  •  Creating Profile
  •  Managing Connections
  •  Creating Google+ Page
  •  Types of Pages
  •  Content Strategy and Statistics
  •  Posting on Google+
  •  Increasing the Reach and Followers
  •  Linking Google+ with Site
  •  Google+ Badge Integration
  •  Google+ Groups LinkedIn Marketing
  •  What is LinkedIn?
  •  Benefits of LinkedIn Network
  •  Create a LinkedIn profile
  •  Optimizing the profile
  •  Skills and Endorsements
  •  Recommendations in LinkedIn
  •  Creating new connections
  •  LinkedIn Groups
  •  Finding Jobs in LinkedIn
  •  Creating company page
  •  Customization of page
  •  Posting in LinkedIn Page
  •  Advertising in LinkedIn Instagram Marketing
  •  What is Instagram
  •  Instagram statistics
  •  How Brands use Instagram
  •  Creating Instagram Account
  •  Tour of Instagram App
  •  Content strategy and Tips
  •  Picture Dimensions
  •  Filters in Instagram
  •  Using Hashtags
  •  Popular Brands on Instagram
  •  Advertising options in Instagram Pinterest Marketing
  •  What is Pinterest?
  •  How brands use Pinterest
  •  Creating a Pinterest Account
  •  Customizing the Profile
  •  Pinterest Strategy
  •  Boards in Pinterest
  •  Pins and Links
  •  Generating Engagements
  •  Using Info Graphics
  •  Integrating Pinterest in Site
  •  Engagement Metrics for Pins
  •  Pinterest Analyt
Session 2: Facebook account setup
  •  Facebook account setup
  •  Personal account properties
  •  Facebook business page setup
 Types of Business pages
  •  Facebook marketing strategy
  •  Competition analysis
  •  Cover photo designing
  •  Increase the Likes to page
  •  Page management options
  •  Types of Posts and Statistics
  •  Dimensions in Posts
  •  Creating a post strategy
  •  Examples of Creative Posts
  •  User engagement metrics
  •  Facebook Insights
  •  Facebook Groups
  •  Facebook Apps creation
  •  Integration FB in Site Facebook Advertising